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Account Maintenance

New Member Creation

Purpose - On this page you can submit a request for member account creation. An account will allow you to create a new frequency coordination request or modify an existing frequency coordination record.

Below we will ask you for some basic information which will be followed by a verification e-mail. When you receive the e-mail, you'll simply click on the supplied link to validate the account and it will be created.


Next Steps - Once your account is validated you can initialize your account and logon. This will include completing additional account information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) that can be used to autopopulate TDS forms for new FCs.

Upon account validation and logon you will have access to any TDSs (frequency coordination Technical Data Sheets) that contain your e-mail address in either the Trustee or Alternate Trustee e-mail address fields.

! ! ! IMPORTANT ! ! !

If you already have an active coordination approved by IACC, it is very likely we have already created an account for you on this web site. You can check on the Members menu item to the left. Do NOT create a new one if you are already listed.

(Use F3 in your browser to search the Members listing for your name or your callsign.)

Simply Reset your paasword and Activate your account using the e-mail address on your coordination at Password Central.

Of course, if you aren't already in our database then feel free to create a new account.

Initial Entry Form

On this initial entry screen we capture some minimal information to get started. Once you have verified your account you'll be prompted to fully complete the remaing information needed to complete a Station Record.
Legal First Name:
Legal Last Name:
Amateur Call Sign:
E-Mail Address:
Primary Telephone (type and number):
Secondary Telephone (type and number):