IACC - Inland Amateur Coordination Council
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Submit New Repeater Coordination

Use this form for new submissions or to revise existing coordinations. It may be completed electronically, saved, and then sent via e-mail to the coordinator.
TDS Instructions - Instructions to complete the Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheet for completion and submission
Additional information about IACC and the coordination process.
IACC Charter - IACC Charter
IACC Technical Requirments - Guidance on the technical details required for your application.
Data Base Purpose - Discusses the labels of Open, Closed, and Private repeaters
IACC Request Response - Cover letter used by IACC when responding to a coordination request. (Rev 6/30/2020)
R-56 Motorola Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites - The communications industry "bible" for site standards (2005 ver)
Communications Site Standards - Technical best practices regarding repeater sites. Provided by Industrial Communications, Spokane