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Submit New Repeater Coordination

Who We Are and What We Do - IACC is responsible for amateur frequency coordination activities in the Inland Northwest, which includes Washington State east of the Cascades and North Idaho.  Consider this page as your launch point to create or update a repeater station frequency coordination. NOTE: If you operate a station just outside our area that provides significant coverage within our area, you may coordinate with us in addition to your home-area coordination body. We do confer with adjacent coordinators but more communication is better than less.

Tools - The primary tool for frequency coordination is the Station Record as collected in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). There are two avenues available to submit a new or updated request.

Paper or E-Mail - First is the original TDS form, which is PDF-based and may be downloaded, completed, and submitted via e-mail or postal mail to the Coordinator. That form as well as its instructions and supporting documentation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Online - Second is our all new, online process. You can now fill out the request on this web page, save it for later editing, and when you are ready, submit it to the Coordinator for review and approval.

To preserve Trustee privacy, all online submissions require the creation of a member account. This ensures that only station trustees can create or change their station records. Member accounts are free and recommended for any repeater station trustee within IACC territory.

Trustee Registration

Create a New or Update an Existing Coordination - The process is identical either way. Where you start is all that varies. In both cases, you must first logon with your member account Logon ID (e-mail address) to access the pages.

New Coordination requests start with the New Request link below.

Create New Coordination Request

Existing Coordinations that you wish to Renew or Update can be accessed using either the Update link menu item (on left) or via the Repeaters listing page. Just find your repeater on the listings page and click the Details link (Question mark on left). This will bring up the Station Details page. In the top center of that page will be an Edit graphic, which if clicked will take you to the Edit page for your TDS. Please note that your logon e-mail address MUST match either the listed Trustee or Alternate Trustee of the existing record. If you have changed your e-mail since last submitting a coordination request, please e-mail the Coordinator so that he may update the record to give you access.

"Old School" PDF Application

Use this form for new submissions or to revise existing coordination records. It may be completed electronically, saved, and then sent via e-mail to the coordinator. Please note that for both accuracy and expediency the above-mentioned online process is now the preferred method.

TDS Instructions - Instructions to complete the Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet - Technical Data Sheet for completion and submission
Additional information about IACC and the coordination process.
IACC Charter - IACC Charter
IACC Technical Requirments - Guidance on the technical details required for your application.
Data Base Purpose - Discusses the labels of Open, Closed, and Private repeaters
IACC Request Response - Cover letter used by IACC when responding to a coordination request. (Rev 6/30/2020)
R-56 Motorola Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites - The communications industry "bible" for site standards (2005 ver)
Communications Site Standards - Technical best practices regarding repeater sites. Provided by Industrial Communications, Spokane